Wednesday 26 February 2020

Once Upon A World Domination - Comic -

I made a comic!
I don't want to post all the pages here but I will post some sample images. 
This is the first two pages.

Poster - Fairy Tail -

I forgot to post this, I haven't finished it yet but I was really happy with the work I did so far. 
Its a poster for if I ever booth at conventions again.

Eventually Lucy will be surrounded by all the celestial spirits and holding a gate key.

Ren'py Visual Novel

So, I decided to take up Ren'py and develop my own Visual novel. It's a horror/creepy physiological story with a lot of ending branches. I'm only about 2/5ths? thorough it. I have a strong focus on story and game mechanics first, art will come later. But I do have a few character designs I can share mostly work's in progress.

While most everything is just code and placeholder images at the moment I'm not sure what else I can share. 

Sticker Ideas in the making - Fairy Tail-

For a while there I became a huge Fairy Tail fan, and thought my booth needs Fairy Tail stickers. Sadly I didn't finish them up cause I stopped boothing at conventions for a while. 

I became a modder for Stardew Valley!

I took up c# programming to mod Stardew Valley! This is some of the new maps and characters I've put together.
Soon to be available on Nexus~

So I found out I REALLY like making maps!

This is Damien, he's a vampire that comes out at night. He is datable and his story is intertwined with a modder who I am collaborating with. 

This is Sasha, She's a witch living on one of my maps who's trying to hide her identity in town in fear of what happens if people were to find out.

This is Val. She is a yandere lol, she works with Harvey in the clinic as a physiologist. 

This is Nilas an over protective brother of Nenya. They are elves long forgotten and awaiting for their tribe to come back.

This is Nenya, she wants to abadon her traditions and start living instead of waiting.

The Nerdy Nebula Posters~