Thursday, 5 February 2015


This is a character Design I created with a certain character personality and story in mind. 
I tried out the style of Zelda:Wind Waker, surprisingly the line work was a little difficult, only because each time I tried to make those messy strokes and uneven line weight, I would automatically go back and fix it only to try and mess it up again. haha.
Hopefully there will be more of these kind of Art Pieces coming along in the future.
Name: Mr. Necromancer (I really dislike naming things, maybe he'll get one later)
Story: Obsessed with getting his lost love back he becomes a necromancer. Somewhere along the way his morals got twisted and instead of living out a happy life, he keeps her soul captive in a jar. Coming back from the dead makes her distressed because she wants nothing more than to be at rest. He doesn't quite understand it though, blinded by his loneliness.

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