Friday, 17 January 2014

New Stuff~

This is a couple concept comic pages I have been wanting to do for.. too long lol. I finally found some time and got them done up and I am sooo happy with the results, more so on the second page than the first.. but you kind of need the words on the first page to know whats going on lol. (Finally got the story nailed down for these characters so maaaybe, just maybe these pages might be the beginning of something ;) )
Anyway, this happened because I found a couple of Hell Boy comics and bought them. I loved the art in them so I wanted to try colored comics as well. This was the first go at it.
I really like making comic books, publishing comics is something I would really like to do in the future along side with animation. 

This is a entry I am currently working on for the 11 Second club. 
It still needs work. Loooads of work. 

This is a video inspired by my dad. He often likes to walk in my room and start up a conversation about anything, even the weather, right as I get in the zone to work. Everytime lolol. Anyway, I made this, its an exaggerated situation, by its a milestone in my education. I feel like I finally understand key framing animation. It finally clicked in my mind.

Over the Christmas break I decided to go back and redo some of my earlier studies, and made this. Its a run cycle of one of my favorite characters I've made to date. (subject to change lolol)
I still need some revisions on it, but all in due time.

This is one of the character's I posted earlier on from my life drawing class, I think I named her dust? Usually referred to as alien lady lol. I still need to figure out how to make drapery drag on the ground behind someone. (I was snowed in for like 3 days over the break while I was making this, so the thought of dressing my dad up in some sort of dress to observe how it drags behind someone crossed my mind, but I didn't. I don't think he would of liked that... even if it was for art!! xDD)

I went back and redid my whip animation, this video is more of a study on how it works. I need to finalize it more for my demo reel, at least I have something better to work with this round. 

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