Monday, 14 January 2013


This is a new character I have that is in the making, I think her name is Annabell or perhaps Isabel  or something else that has "bell" in it. Not entirely sure why. Anyway her concept is like being a black widow, hence her entire. A ruthless murderer in a plot I'd rather not say until there's some sort of development to show anyone who might be checking this out. 

Regardless this is just some line-less art of her that I've been trying to develop. I've been desperately trying to improve and get to somewhat of a comfortable stage with line-less artwork. From studying Sam Neilson to Bobby Chiu to now Charlie Bowater, this is where its at, at the moment. I've seen some paint straight on into it, some use a grey image behind and others use blocked in color. I'm still working out the kinks in what's going to work for me. I've tried blocked in color which is the example below of Omar and here I used a grey underneath to put the color on top. Personally I don't like it but its a better success than I've been having. 

Sadly even flash won't do justice for what I'm after, so I doubt she'd be put into that for animation.
This was heavily inspired by the movie "Daddy I'm a zombie" I liked the art a lot and the characters. Especially the one named Katie she has a cool design. 

Omar - This is a character I sketched out for someone who wanted it as a tattoo, I think I'll give him the line art so maybe it will hurt less. Lol jk. 

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