Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Box Paradox

Box Paradox 

This is a small animation project I decided to make during my week long break from school. 
Its highly based off the Schroedinger cat theory, which is basically a thought experiment.

There are many things symbolizing this in the animation which include the following (spoiler alert for the following paragraph):

She refuses to look in the box, but until doing so the object inside the box takes on all structures in her mind until it is finally observed.
The conditions in her life are considered true until concretely proven by looking inside the box
She looking at everything in life, including this box as something that's dead('s_cat ), because she won't look at another side of things to show that it could be alive. So therefore her life is very dead.
Her mindset is trapped in the little world she lives in and she can't see outside her comfort zone in order to make a change in life. So shes Trapped in side a box (her house) with a box, until she can manage to open up her mind and leave her comfort zone.
Its this case its not the cat that's in the box, its her mindset and her life. 

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